Learn about our technology

Remake.gg allows you to share and tokenize your account assets.

Remake.gg is a Clientside Solution

When depositing skins or submitting challenge results, you directly interact with the official Steam© website. Remake.gg, powered by a modified Chromium Engine, guarantees that only you have interaction with the Steam© servers. Your login credentials are never shared with anyone other than Steam©. In other words, nobody knows you're using Remake.gg.

High Transparency Everywhere

Transparency is very important for the quality. When you engage in challenges, we provide tons of human-readable JSON information, documenting everything from reviewing matched opponents' replays to handling disputes.

EV Code Signed Software

All software released by Remake.gg, including *.EXE and *.DLL files, undergoes code signing with a GlobalSign Extended Validation* Certificate before being made available to the public. This additional layer of security ensures the integrity and authenticity of our software, assuring users that they are using legitimate and trusted applications.


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Remake.gg OÜ is registered under no. 16357307 in Estonia. Remake.gg is a competitive gaming platform for Counterstrike 2 and Dota 2. Remake.gg may not be available in countries that consider competitive gaming with winnings as gambling.

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