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We’re a vibrant, distributed company that is revolutionizing the future of the eSports betting industry. Our main product is Bet-on-Yourself (BoY) for the top game titles.

BoY beats regular Esports Betting

Truly 24/7 available for the player.

Bet-on-Yourself is not limited to events and tournaments.

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Bet-on-Yourself (BoY) has unseen betting opportunities which lie primary in the availablity. BoY challenges are truly available 24/7 for the player. Challenges are truly engaging and memorable, because the player is not only observing the game as a spectator, the player becomes a part of the action and is solely responsible for the outcome of its own bet.

Our Bet-on-Yourself (BoY) challenges are very easy to master and have a high win rate which leads to lower disappointment. When a player joins a competition a challenge is randomly choosen for the player. Some of the challenges are ridiculously simple. Remake.gg's goal is to create the best betting experience for players in the eSports industry while maintaining an over average margin.

A player has a 180-minute time frame to report a match result after the challenge has started. Remake.gg is highly optimized and can directly read from the game protocol to verify the match outcome with 100% certainty. It is impossible to fake match results, manipulate the client or pretend a win as all results are counter-checked. For an additional layer of security, Remake.gg has added a dispute system to report suspicious players. Such reported challenges are immediately suspended from the settlement algorithm and undergo manual review.

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